Kish TotalView

Take control of your finances with Kish TotalView, our own Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool in Digital Banking. Set budgets, establish financial goals, and monitor both your Kish Bank accounts and accounts from other financial institutions, all in one convenient place and right from the palm of your hand!

With Kish TotalView, you can:

  • Link your accounts from other financial institutions* for a complete financial picture
  • View your assets and liabilities
  • Get insights on your net worth
  • Set monthly spending budgets
  • Track your spending in different categories
  • Set savings and pay-off goals and track their progress

To start using TotalView, simply enroll within Digital Banking. Download our handy Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to get started.

*You may find that some accounts from other institutions, such as Discover, are unavailable. This is due to that institution's decision not to allow external access to customer data.

Kish will not have access to your login credentials for the accounts you choose to link from other financial institutions. Kish can only view the financial information for these linked accounts (such as balances and transaction history) within TotalView in the event that you request assistance and allow us view-only access.

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