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Fraud Protection at Kish Bank

Kish Bank takes information security very seriously and has many proactive safeguards in place to prevent fraud and protect our customers. Customers can also take certain steps to protect themselves. Working together, we can be a powerful force against fraud!


How Kish Bank protects you:


How you can protect yourself:

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Debit cards with chips

Kish Bank offers chip cards to enhance security and fraud protection for all card-present transactions.

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Use your Kish Bank chip card

Chip cards have an enhanced level of security and fraud protection when used at chip-enabled terminals.

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Real-time fraud monitoring technology

Kish Bank’s fraud detection system monitors customer transactions in real time to determine if a transaction falls outside of a customer’s normal spending pattern. If “abnormal” activity is detected, our system will attempt to contact the client to confirm its validity and may block the transaction. Our system also tracks fraudulent activity around the world and blocks known activity from those areas.

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Make sure your contact information is up-to-date, including your cell phone number

It’s important that we have your contact information so that we can reach you by phone, text, or email if we suspect fraud or to verify if a transaction is valid. To update your contact information, please contact your local branch, call Kish Bank Client Support (1-800-981-5474), or or click “Manage Profile” in digital banking.

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Instant transaction alerts by phone, text, or email

In addition to real-time notifications of abnormal activity detected by our system, Kish Bank digital banking provides our clients with the ability to set up monitoring rules which will notify them of card activity via email or text alerts.

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Set up email or text alerts through digital banking

These alerts can notify you of abnormal debit card activity, out-of-state or international transactions, transactions made online or over the phone, transactions above a certain dollar amount, and more. To add or customize these alerts, click "Manage Alerts" in digital banking.

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Enhanced protection and convenience while traveling

Through your local Kish Bank representative, Kish Bank can place travel notices on your card to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your account. In addition, chip technology allows Kish clients to use their Kish Bank debit card safely and more readily around the world where chip technology is required.

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Tell us when you’re traveling

To ensure that legitimate card transactions are processed without inconvenience or interruption when you’re traveling outside of your local area, notify your local branch or call Kish Bank Client Support at 1-800-981-5474.

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Local support for disputes and fraud resolution

Our branch staff and Client Support team work with customers to process disputes and recover funds if fraudulent activity occurred.

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Monitor your accounts regularly for fraudulent transactions

Keep a close eye on your accounts using your statements or Kish Digital Banking. If you see something out of the ordinary or suspect fraudulent activity, alert your local branch or call Kish Bank Client Support (1-800-981-5474) immediately.


If you have any questions, please contact your local branch or call Kish Bank Client Support at 1-800-981-5474.

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