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Business OnLine Banking

Kish Bank’s Business OnLine Banking (BOB) is an integrated Web-based banking application that supports organizations of all sizes. BOB allows Kish Bank the flexibility to tailor an online banking solution to meet the exact needs of business clients. Because BOB is dynamic, Kish Bank can easily add to or modify the existing services as customers’ business needs expand or change. Customers will be able to perform the following functions at their convenience, at almost any time of day, from any personal computer.

Kish Bank also offers mobile Business OnLine Banking, perfect for the business owner with a mobile device.  This mobile optimized, streamlined experience will give you access to your account balances and history, the ability to move funds quickly between your Kish Bank deposit accounts, and the capability to approve transactions your employees submit—all while on the go!


Reporting & Transaction History

Balance reporting for deposit accounts. View up to 18 months of account history, as well as intraday and previous day balances and transactions. Output account information to BAI® Version 2, QuickBooks, Quicken, and CSV, QIF, and PDF file formats.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments, Collection, & Monitoring

ACH tools for credit origination and debits are commonly used for direct deposit of payroll and vendor payments, concentration of funds from remote banks, and payment or invoice collection. Organizations can create separate entitlements for entry and transmission on a per user basis to assist with managing risk.

When ACH transactions are submitted, they are compared against historical ACH transaction data your company has performed.  If the transaction appears to be outside of these normal behaviors, Kish Bank will notify you of the unusual activity to help keep you protected against fraudulent ACH transactions.


Account Transfers

Perform internal transfers between single or multiple accounts.  Transfers can be one-time (real-time or scheduled for a future date) or recurring.


Bill Payment

Pay anyone within the U.S. from any of your Kish accounts. Make a one-time payment, set up recurring payments, or schedule a future payment up to 364 days in advance. Includes access to Bill Payment reporting and custom reports.


QuickBooks Interface

Businesses who use QuickBooks accounting software can quickly reconcile their account registers with their Kish Bank account. This time-saving feature uses the QuickBooks Web Connect (.QBO) format to import transaction data seamlessly into QuickBooks.


Stop Payments  

Submit a real-time stop payment for a single check or a range of checks.  A 180-day history of stop payment requests is available.



View summary and detail reporting for loan and line of credit accounts at the note and commitment level.  Make loan payments online and draw down or request an advance on line of credit accounts (subject to loan officer approval).


Multi-User Administration

This service allows customers to manage their employee access to banking services and accounts, and to create text names for their accounts. This feature supports segregation of duties to facilitate risk management. 


Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service that compares check issue information with checks that are presented for payment from your account. You then have the opportunity to decision issue items before they are posted to the account. This is an effective means of controlling the risks of unauthorized, altered, or forged checks posting to your account. 


RSA SecurID® Tokens

RSA SecurID Token with an 8-digit passcode Your business accounts are more secure than ever with the additional layer of security provided by RSA SecurID Tokens.  A Secure Token is a small, portable device that generates a one-time digital code that changes every 30 seconds. This code is entered in conjunction with an 8-digit passcode created by the user when signing in to Business OnLine Banking and when transmitting an ACH file. This helps ensure that information is secure and protects the user from fraud and identity theft.


Business Services Support

Our Business Services Support Group will provide on-site training and assistance during set-up, and will act as an ongoing resource for any of these services.  


For questions or to enroll in Business OnLine Banking, call the Business Services Support Group at 1-866-534-5474.



Business Express Online Banking

Business Express mirrors Personal OnLine Banking and is ideal for smaller businesses and sole proprietors. With Business Express, you can review account balances, make simple transfers, and complete electronic banking services at your convenience, from anywhere a personal computer is accessible.

To enroll in Business Express OnLine Banking, click here.

How to Enroll in Business Express OnLine Banking

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