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   Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) has been called “the most important development the (U.S.) banking industry has seen in years,” and it is available at Kish Bank.

RDC is a rapidly expanding technology that allows businesses to convert their customers’ checks into digital images and transmit the digital images to the bank for processing and collection. Remote Deposit Capture permits the digital image to become the legal, binding document.

Remote Deposit Capture machine


Who should use remote deposit capture?

  • Businesses with large check volumes

  • Businesses who are in a remote location and want to save time and reduce risk by not having to drive to the branch

  • Businesses that want to enhance the speed of payment collection


How does remote deposit capture work?

  1. Purchase affordable equipment

  2. On-site set-up and training

  3. Scan checks

  4. An electronic deposit ticket is generated—no need to complete one anymore!

  5. Electronically send the deposit to Kish

  6. Funds are deposited into your account after customer confirmation



  • Save time by making multiple check deposits without leaving the office

  • Reduce transportation costs and risk

  • Eliminate mail float for mailed deposits 

  • Consolidate financial relationships (for customers with multiple remote locations)

  • Enhance cash management capabilities

  • Improve deposit research capabilities

  • Strengthen audit and control of deposit processing

  • View reports of all deposits

  • Eliminate worrying about making it to the branch prior to 5 p.m.—you can make the deposits/payments throughout the day from your office

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