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   Enhanced Security

Within Kish Digital Banking, you now have greater security options at your fingertips. Easily manage your cards and set up alerts for your accounts and cards with the click of a button.


Manage Cards

Set alerts for approvals and denials, change your PIN, and easily turn your card on and off any time—right from your computer or mobile device. If your debit card becomes lost or stolen, turning your card off will turn off access to your account, giving you peace of mind and added protection.



Manage Alerts

Set up text or email alerts for a number of actions on any of your accounts or cards.  Alerts can be customized for your accounts, including Bill Pay, security, and card alerts.  Go to “Manage Alerts” to find these options.



Customize Your Profile

Easily customize your contact information, login settings, app preferences and more for maximum security and personalization.




VASCO Tokens

Your business accounts are more secure than ever with the additional layer of security provided by VASCO tokens. A secure token is a small, portable device that generates a one-time digital code, which is entered by the user when signing into Digital Banking and when transmitting an ACH file. This helps ensure that information is secure and protects the user from fraud and identity theft.

Kish's Business Services Support Group will provide on-site training and assistance during set-up and will act as an ongoing resource, as with any of our Business Banking service.

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