Kish and Your Security

Kish Bank takes information security very seriously and has many proactive safeguards in place to prevent fraud and protect our customers and their accounts.

Real-Time Fraud Monitoring

Kish Bank’s 24/7 fraud detection system monitors customer transactions and Digital Banking activity in real time to determine if a transaction or activity falls outside of a customer’s normal behavior. Our system also tracks fraudulent activity around the world and blocks known activity from those areas.

If “abnormal” activity is detected, Kish may block the transaction or activity and may attempt to call you to confirm its validity. The representative will provide details about the activity and ask if you authorized it. If the activity is valid, the transaction/card or Digital Banking activity will be unblocked, and no further verification or action will be required. If fraud is confirmed, the representative will always ask you to visit or contact Kish Bank during customer service hours to have your card replaced and account adjusted if necessary.

You should always call Kish Bank via a known phone number or the number from our website. Do not rely solely on a phone number provided by someone who contacted you.

REMEMBER: When you contact Kish Bank or we contact you, we will verify your identity by confirming some pieces of personal information. Kish Bank representatives will never ask you to disclose full personal information (such as your full Social Security Number, full account number, debit card number, PIN, or Digital Banking password and security questions) over the phone.



Other Ways Kish Protects You

Cards with the latest in payment security technology

Kish Bank offers debit and credit cards enabled with both contactless and chip technology for maximum security and fraud protection with all card-present transactions.

Instant transaction alerts by phone, text, or email

In addition to real-time notifications of abnormal activity detected by our system, Kish Bank Digital Banking provides our clients with the ability to set up monitoring rules which will notify them of card activity via email or text alerts.

Enhanced protection and convenience while traveling

Through Digital Banking or by contacting their local branch, Kish clients can place travel notices on their cards to ensure they have uninterrupted access to their accounts while traveling. In addition, chip technology allows Kish clients to use their Kish Bank debit card safely and more readily around the world where chip technology is required.

Local support for disputes and fraud resolution

Our branch staff and Client Solutions Center team work with customers to process disputes and recover funds if fraudulent activity occurred.

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