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Economic Development

In order to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for our communities, it is important for local businesses to take action. Kish Bank is very active in supporting our local economies by backing small and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging the formation of new enterprises, investing in physical infrastructure and educational workforce development, and supporting informal and newly emerging businesses.

Kish believes that vibrant communities with strong senses of pride and place are the foundation of successful businesses which, in turn, provide good jobs and valuable benefits to employees who dedicate themselves to achieving the objectives that sustain said businesses.  


"I think Kish Bank brings a real knowledge of the local communities that it serves. Kish employees participate in the community in countless ways, and learn what makes the community grow. They are also a key part of many leadership activities in the area, serving on committees and Boards of Directors. I even coached a youth basketball team that was sponsored by Kish Bank well before I was here at HCBI. Along with this involvement comes a knowledge of the wider impacts that any lending in the community can have."

—Bob Reitman, Executive Director of Huntingdon County Business and Industry


Huntingdon County Business and Industry

Larry Burger, Kish Bank Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager, is a longtime member of Huntingdon County Business and Industry (HCBI). Larry has served on the Board of Directors since 2006, was appointed Director Emeritus in May 2014, and has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. Kish Bank's knowledge and understanding of businesses in central PA, together with ongoing participation in efforts to enhance the area's economy and grow and sustain businesses, puts Kish in a position to really deliver for business customers. Supporting Huntingdon County Business and Industry is one example of the pride we take in being a part of the communities we serve.


Blueprint Communities Initiative

The Blueprint Communities initiative was developed by the Federal Home Land Bank (FHLB) Pittsburgh in 2005 to create a catalyst for community revitalization by energizing local leaders, residents, and stakeholders, facilitating holistic community planning, and encouraging public and private investment. 

Huntingdon County applied and was selected to participate in the initiative, focusing on the areas of Mapleton, Mount Union Borough, and Shirley Township.  A nine-member committee, including Larry Burger, will attend trainings and then set up meetings with key individuals in the three municipalizes to teach them about community revitalization, community planning, and development, and to support them as they move towards a goal and eventual grant through the FHLB Pittsburgh.   

Larry Burger and the other members of the Huntingdon County committee that was selected to participate in the Blueprint Communities initiative.

Larry Burger, Kish Bank Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager (holding bucket), is part of the nine-member team from Huntingdon County that was selected to participate in the Blueprint Communities initiative.


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